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What would happen if you stopped listening to all the noise and focused on your vision of how you want to show up in the world?

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It’s happening right at this moment.

Someone is googling the thing you know everything about. They’re saving Pins. Reading and bookmarking articles. Discussing it in online forums. Searching for books, online courses, and anything that would help them with [insert the thing you geek out about].

But they still haven’t found what they’re looking for.

In fact, they’re looking for YOU.

You have the answer to their question, the solution to their problem, and the cure for their pain.

They need you to teach them what you know. The only trouble is that they don’t know you exist… yet.

The online world is a loud place, but you don’t have to shout like a market trader so that your potential clients hear you.

I know it’s not your style.

 The best alternative to noisy marketing is educational content that solves specific problems of specific people – your dream clients.

☆ The best alternative to hard selling is confident and clear writing that speaks directly to the people you’re trying to attract.

 And the best alternative to sleazy self-promotion is an authentic and memorable personal brand people just can’t ignore.

 Do you agree? Then you’re at the right place.

Hey! I’m Veronika, and I’m a writing coach and brand strategist for female entrepreneurs who teach their passion online. I’m here to help you build a blog and website where your brand comes to life and your words dress up and dance with your dream clients.

I believe that doing what you love is the second best thing ever.

What’s number one?

Teaching what you love for a living.

Online. Independently. Your own way.

This is Do You Speak Freedom, a place where your expertise and creativity team up with marketing so you can build a blog, brand, and business around your passion and enjoy the freedom of working and living on your own terms.

Let’s get started:

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Download the Brand Manifesto Workbook so you can design your own plan for a better world and share your vision with your Dream Client.

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I geek out about business writing and branding. I look for ways to go where my fear lives because that’s where it all begins. And I share everything with you.

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