You are the author of your life.

Let’s write the story you’d like to read.

It’s official. All of a sudden, teaching is cool.

You can’t take a step online without bumping into someone who makes money selling their expertise through coaching sessions, e-books, webinars, and online courses.

In the online world, teaching is where the money is.

But that’s not why you are here.

Sure, you can imagine yourself sitting cross-legged on a beach, with a Mac on your lap, running your 7-figure online education empire between surfing lessons and margarita parties.

But what excites you much more is the version of your future that’s not that different from your current life, only with one upgrade: On an average working day, you jump out of bed with enthusiasm, because you know that you will:

✦ Hang out only with people who get you and help you grow.

✦ Spend your time learning, writing, and talking about your passion, knowing that you’re helping people around the globe.

✦ Open your email and find your client’s success story with the subject line saying, “Because of you, I didn’t give up.”

That’s what teaching online can do for you.

I know it because that’s what my work days look like – more or less. It hasn’t always been this way.

But before I tell you the CliffsNotes version of my story, let me introduce myself.

I’m Veronika Palovska, the founder of Do You Speak Freedom.

I’m a writing coach and brand strategist for female entrepreneurs who teach online. I help them package and brand their expertise, market it through addictive educational content, and sell it to their dream clients.

I do it because I believe that the best thing you can do with your time, experience, knowledge, creativity, and skills is to use it to buy more freedom for yourself and the people you care about – your loved ones and your online community.

Here’s how I ended up here ↓↓

Why join the navy when you can be a pirate?

Steve Jobs

After I graduated from university, I didn’t join the navy – which, in my case, would equal becoming an art and English teacher – but started a business.

It was a local tutoring school for adults and considering that I had no idea what I was doing, it went quite well. In a few weeks, my schedule was full.

I was paying the bills. I was my own boss. I was independent. Except that I wasn’t.

I was a pirate on a crappy boat that could sink anytime: when I got sick, when my clients got sick, went on holidays, or just disappeared. To patch the holes, I started side-hustling online as a freelance graphic designer and copywriter. I loved all of my gigs – teaching, writing, and designing – but I was exhausted from running back and forth to stay afloat.

They say 9-5 is a rat race. But compared to what some of us do to avoid it, it’s a picnic.

Like too many freelancers, I was trapped in my own escape plan, and I had to reinvent it. And that’s how Do You Speak Freedom was born.

Do You Speak Freedom is here for pirate teachers and other nerds and geeks who want to teach for a living without going crazy, make money out of their knowledge without selling their soul, and live their lives without asking for permission.

The blog has been around since spring 2016. I started from zero. And we non-native English speakers start from absolute zero because not even our moms read our posts; they wouldn’t understand a word (my mom wouldn’t, anyway).

By blogging about my passions – writing, learning/teaching, and branding – I soon built a small but engaged community around my brand. Six months after I launched my blog, my first coaching program was booked out by my dream clients.

We also teamed up with other online teachers to create amazing things together – like the book about running an online teaching business we wrote with Elena Mutonono.

Running an online business is hard work, but totally worth it, because I know that my effort doesn’t end up in a black hole – every hour I spend working turns into more freedom both for me and my community.




Things you may want to know about me

Or maybe not, but I’ll tell you, anyway:

My native language is Czech.

I own two blue roan cocker spaniels. When I’m not out with them and I’m not working, I like to learn online, write, read, paint, hang out on Twitter or Pinterest, and do yoga (by which I sometimes mean goofing off on the Internet in my yoga pants).

I’m interested in all the ways feminine values (like empathy, community, vulnerability, and storytelling) and right-brain thinking (like creativity, intuition, and art) are changing the business world and the world as such.

Let’s be friends!


Now that we aren’t strangers anymore, please feel free to tweet with me, pin with me, or shoot me a message about what I can help you with.

I can’t wait to get to know you.


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