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You have been postponing the launch of your blog for ages, or maybe you have already started blogging, but you aren’t happy with the results. You find blogging scary, exhausting, and time-consuming. And all the time and effort is not even worth it; your blog doesn’t bring you paying clients.

Use what you already have – your creativity, personality, and passion for teaching – to turn your blog into a loved and trusted learning resource for your dream clients so they can find you and fall in love with your brand.

Website copy

Homepage Analyzer

You have written your web copy, but you don’t feel confident when you share the link to your website on social media. You aren’t sure if you’ve done a good job

Let me have a look at the most important page of your website – your homepage – and help you turn it into a place that hooks your first-time visitors and doesn’t let them go until they do what you want them to do – subscribe to your list, read your articles, or agree to work with you.

Homepage Analyzer will be back in spring 2017.

Write with Clarity & Confidence

You’re wasting hours of your precious time trying to get your website copy to the point where you feel confident about it so you can stop writing and rewriting it and concentrate on teaching, blogging, and creating products.

In six weeks, you can have copy that will make you want to hire yourself and rest assured that once your Dream Client finds you, they’ll listen to you, like you, and trust you.

Available now!

Copy Atelier

You have your website up and running, you know your ideal client, and you’ve learned the basics of copywriting. Now, you’re launching a product, service, or project and you want to save time and frustration doing it on your own.

The Copy Atelier is a collaborative copywriting program available exclusively for Write with Clarity and Confidence graduates where we work on custom projects – sales pages, email sequences, content plans, launches, and more.

Copy Atelier launches in spring 2017. Please contact me if you want to know more.

Copy Detox

Copy Detox is a free 5-day email challenge for teacherpreneurs.

Each day for five days, you’ll receive one lesson that will help you fix one thing on your website that may be repelling potential clients.

Available now!

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