Tools and Resources for Entrepreneurs who Teach Online

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Note: I recommend only tools I use and resources from people I know, like, and trust. I’m not looking for suggestions, so please don’t send me your links to be featured here unless we know each other, you’ve been on my list for some time, you know I’ve been on yours/in your community/class, we’ve met in an online community or a mastermind, or you know the names of my dogs. Thanks for understanding.



Learn what you need, the fastest way possible:

Non-BS learning resources for online teachers and coaches


Opted Out of the *Real Job*

A handbook + journal for creative online teachers and coaches to help you build your small and smart online business. Written by my friend Lena Mutonono and me.


Write with Clarity and Confidence

A six-week 1:1 email coaching program to help you write your web copy from scratch or rewrite what you have. The only program I know designed with online teachers, coaches, and infopreneurs in mind.


#blog2teach class

An online blogging class + mastermind for entrepreneurs who teach online.


Smart Teacher’s Library

Clarity, coaching, community, and monthly challenges for online teachers and coaches. All the cool and smart teachers are there. Run by Lena Mutonono.


Chimp Essentials

Get smarter about email marketing and make money from your newsletter. Not taking this course means leaving your dream clients standing out in the rain (and $$$ on the table).  Taught by Paul Jarvis.


Grow your audience

Are you sick of sleazy marketing tricks? This course teaches you how to market yourself by being yourself and building trust with your peeps. Taught by Paul Jarvis.



Need to learn something else? I’ll bet there’s a course on it on Skillshare. Why don’t you check it out? By the way, the link above will give you two months on Skillshare for free.




Build a website + blog so you can sell your nerdiness:

Super basic tools



Inexpensive and reliable website hosting.



The ultimate WordPress theme and visual page builder: Build your website visually, no coding required.


Warfare Plugin

A premium (but sooo affordable) social sharing plugin I can’t live without. It looks great and helps you help your people share your stuff.



Pssst. You don’t really need a website or a blog to get started teaching or coaching online. But what you must always have is an email list. MailChimp is easy to use, includes everything you may need, and you can get started for free.



The easiest way to sell anything online – e-books, courses, templates, subscriptions, you name it.



Write better:

Grammar and writing resources



I can’t even tell you how much I love Grammarly (well, in fact, I can). It checks your writing for grammatical, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. A must-have tool for all online entrepreneurs with free and paid plans.


Readability Score

A free tool that tells you to what extent your writing is easy to read.


Hemingway App

A free tool that helps you write without clutter.


CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

Write better headlines with this free tool.


Grammar Girl: Quick and Dirty Tips

“Your friendly guide to the world of grammar, punctuation, usage, and fun developments in the English language.” That’s exactly what it is.



Find your people:

Social media tools



Tailwind can help you drive serious traffic to your blog, grow your list, sell your products, and make passive affiliate income on Pinterest. Pinterest is my #1 referral, but this wouldn’t happen without Tailwind. It’s a tool that lets me schedule my Pins, find more content that my people like, and reach more people than I would ever imagine.



Schedule your posts for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Free and paid plans.


Click to Tweet

Create a link to make it easy for your fans to share your message on Twitter with just one click.

Free link shortener. Allows you to create custom, easy-to-remember short links. You can also access the analytics to see how many people clicked the link, their geographics, and more.



Start creating:

Online teaching, project management + collab tools and resources



The easiest and fastest video tool. Use it to create video tutorials, walk-throughs, and audits. Or to give your clients video feedback on their homework (saves so much time). Or to collaborate (so you don’t have type all the time. It integrates with Gmail, Asana, Trello, and tons of other tools.



Asana is an app designed to help teams track their work without having to exchange tons of emails. And guess what: it’s free.



A project management tool that helps you manage projects and keep your blog and biz organized.


Google Docs

Great sharing and real-time collaboration features make Google Docs a perfect tool for online collaboration and teaching.



An easy and free way to book online meetings.



Like Skype, but cooler.



An app that connects all your favorite tools and apps.



When you need to get something fixed, quickly. I wouldn’t recommend buying cheap logos or business advice here, though.




Get visual:

Design tools and resources (non-designer friendly tools included)



Canva makes design amazingly simple even for non-designers. The best part? You can use it for free.


Photoshop CC

It’s what I use to create most of the graphics for my blog. Photoshop is surely the best graphics software out there, but takes some time to figure out even if you’re tech- and design-savvy. And of course, it’s not free.


Creative Market

Here you can buy a WordPress theme, fonts, photos, illustrations, templates, mockups, and more.



Generate perfect color combinations for your website with this super awesome and free tool.


Small PDF

Do you offer content upgrades, worksheets, or PDF e-books? This convenient tool compresses your files without sacrificing quality and helps you do whatever you need with your PDFs. For free.



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